Novus utilizes ADT Dicing saws and has extensive knowledge of dicing many different material types such as AlN, GaAs, InP, SiGe, GaN/SiC, and Si

Metal Evaporation

Novus offers Thin Metal deposition with Temescal evaporation tools for common metals such as Au, Ni, Cr, and Ti. Our knowledge of  metal deposition also allows us to offer custom deposition depending on the customer’s needs.

Flip Chip & Packaging

Novus offers flip chip bonding, packaging from film frame to waffle pack, and general pick & place assembly utilizing Besi automation tools We can offer a custom solution and handle parts down to 100um2.


Novus has capabilities to plate Ni, Au, Cu, and Sn on various size substrates. Contact us for your specific thickness and tolerance needs.


Novus offers various testing cap[abilities such as Harmon ZT, COP measurements, I-V measurements, and four point probe resistance. Contact us for your specific testing needs.